“In the world of comedy, Marion Grodin has been a hidden treasure for far too long. All you have to do is open this book and that treasure is yours. Enjoy.”
- Lewis Black, New York Times best selling author

Marion Grodin writes as she speaks, with a sharp funny honesty we cherish in our friends and fear in our enemies.
- Jim Gaffigan, New York Times best selling author of Dad is Fat

“I have not read this book, nor do I intend to read it, certainly not without some therapy or possibly medication. While I have happily received more public recognition than Marion, I cannot stand that she gets more laughs than I do, when we are around others. As a result I have chosen not to be in her presence for the last decade. Enough is enough!”
- Charles Grodin

“Marion Grodin is that rare combination of really smart and really down to earth. Her comedy is painfully and wonderfully honest. She doesn’t know how to be phony. She’s one of the greats.”
- Colin Quinn

"Marion Grodin is one of the most honest, engaging and hysterical performers working today and one of the worst drivers I have ever seen.
- Adam Ferrara, Host of Top Gear, History Channel

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